Devel­op­ment of novel and opti­mized methods for modeling and simu­la­tion of elec­tro­mag­netic inter­fer­ence (EMI) of elec­tronic based systems (EBS).

Emerging applications such as, endoscopic bioimaging and Pico projector imaging systems are hitting the market in the upcoming years. At the heart of these applications is a micro-scanner module allowing high resolution, large field of view, high refresh rates and good and stable operation. In the context of the project, the focus will be set to the development of next generation piezo mems devices.

The goal of the project is the optimization of high-power density and simulation capability of a Solar Array Simulator (SAS) with a Sequential Switching Shunt Regulator (S3R) using advanced control approaches and novel WBG-components.

Goal of this SAL Cooperative Research Project is to create, verify and validate models of a post-silicon validation system’s high-speed test connection featuring very high pin and cable count.

The goal of this project is to develop hybrid machine learning (ML) and signal processing (SP) algorithms to process active sensing data for classification and regression tasks.

SAL General Contract Terms