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Signing of the merger agreement SAL & CTR

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Silicon Austria Labs (SAL) has been founded to be an European top research center for electronic-based systems. In the network of science and economy, we carry out research at a global level and create the basis of groundbreaking products and processes.

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Sensor Systems

Sensory organs of digital life

In the Sensor Systems research division, the team uses the basis of state-of-the-art technologies to work on different sensors that collect information from the environment, inspired by all five senses. From the multitude of sensors, it is important to find the optimum combination in order to use it, with the help of intelligent algorithms and recent developments, to expand the heterogeneous integration of smart sensor systems for various applications.

RF Systems

Enable wireless connectivity

In the RF Systems (RF – Radio Frequency) research division, everything is part of innovative solutions for wireless communication and radar technologies that cover the complete radio-frequency spectrum – from the MHz range to the very high GHz range. In the wireless sensor networks area of research, there are strong ties with the Sensor Systems division.

Power Electronics

Convert energy efficiently

In the Power Electronics research division, new, more-powerful solutions are researched for all types of electric energy transformers in all power classes, from the system and control design, through to switching structures and to integration methods and construction elements in new technologies.


Combine diverse technologies

System Integration consists of architecture definition, modeling, integration and validation of different hardware and software components to form a superior overall system with increased functionality and performance. When integrating systems, it is a matter of optimizing security, coexistence, interoperability, power consumption, electromagnetic compatibility, compactness and costs.

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Innovation is a top priority for us. Our researchers are too. Start your success story at SAL and become part of our team.



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On June 25th, Silicon Austria Labs GmbH (SAL) and Carinthian Tech Research AG (CTR) signed a merger agreement that will unite the two companies in one research center. With the merger, all rights and obligations of CTR are transferred to SAL. Ongoing research projects of CTR will be continued by SAL without interruption. The synergies created by the merger will enable larger-scale research projects on a European and international level.

Graz/ Villach/ Linz, June 25, 2019 – With the signing of the merger agreement by the managing directors of SAL and the CTR Board of Directors, the ongoing preparatory process for the personnel and organizational merger of the two research centers is now legally sealed: After the official registration in the company register, all research agendas will be run exclusively through Silicon Austria Labs GmbH. The continuity of CTR's research activities and projects is a top priority. Thanks to a long-term project in preparation of the merger, a complete continuation of the projects in accordance with SAL research strategy can be ensured.

"This merger marks a new chapter of Austrian innovation in...

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From 20 - 24 May 2019, our PhD students from the Power Electronics Division, Franz Vollmaier and Thomas Langbauer, as well as SAL scientist Christian...

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On June 2nd, renowned SAL expert Mirjana Vide­nović-Mišić gave a talk at the IEEE Radio Frequency Inte­grated Circuits Sympo­siom (RFIC) in Boston,...

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Talk: The Way to 6G

On April 23rd, Dr. Gernot Hueber, Head of Re­search Unit RF (= Radio Frequency) at Silicon Austria Labs (SAL), gave a lively talk on tech­nical...