Architectures & Topologies

Our Architectures & Topologies Research Unit is dedicated to developing high performance power converter systems for various automotive and industrial applications, with efficiency and/or power density beyond state-of-the-art technologies. Research topics cover different aspects of power converter system design and magnetics design, including advanced theoretical analysis, simulation and design methodologies, and practical design issues.
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Research Foci

  • Advanced design approach based on multi-domain modeling & multi-objective optimization for high-performance power converter systems:
    • Pushing the design limits of for power converter topologies and magnetic components based on advanced design technologies
    • Multi-domain modeling technologies for components and systems with improved accuracy
    • Multi-objective optimization technologies for components and systems
    • Advanced design platform to significantly accelerate the design process
    • High-performance control algorithm and fast design & verification approach
  • Power converters with a rating of several Volt and Watt up to 1500V and 200kW for different AC/DC or DC/DC application
  • AI/ML-enhanced design & optimization methodologies for power converters

Research Competences

  • Power converter system architecture design and optimization (power conversion stages/combinations, modularity, redundancy)
  • Power converter topology analysis and circuit simulation
  • Power converter control algorithm design and rapid control prototyping for hardware prototypes
  • Power converter PCB hardware design and implementation
  • Magnetics design including simulations and prototyping


  • Prototypes of power converter systems for component suppliers, system integrators and manufacturers, such as battery chargers, battery test systems, inverters for renewable energy, novel topologies for high power density and high frequency switching and more.
  • Tiny Power Box 2: In the Tiny Power Box project, the focus is on opti­mi­zing the power density of built-in char­gers in electric cars, so-called onboard char­gers. The aim is to reduce weight, save compo­n­ents and space while at the same time increase power density, achieve the highest effi­ci­ency for char­ging and vehicle-to-grid operation, and increase envi­ron­mental compa­ti­bi­lity.

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