Intentions as new research head

Andreu Llobera on his new position as Head of Research Unit Photonic Systems: “The Photonics System Research Unit which I am leading comprises 17 extraordinary talented researchers covering a vast number of photonic topics. They include the development of new lasers, quantum and non-linear optics, image spectroscopy, photonic microsystems and biophotonics. Our main aim is to provide "from concept to implementation" photonic solutions to industry willing to make the next step forward in terms of advanced technology. This can only be achieved by both being at the forefront of scientific research and by having a deep understanding of both photonics and technology.”

Llobera's research background

Dr. Llobera graduated with a PhD in Physics in 2002. Prior to his new position as Head of Research Unit Photonic Systems, he was employed as Head of Innovation at Microliquid S.L. Previously, he worked as Head of Disruptive Technologies at Carl Zeiss Vision between 2016 and 2020.

Andreu has participated in several research projects funded by the Spanish Government and the European Community, both as coordinator and consortium member. As co-author of more than 140 published articles and a total of more than 2000 citations, he has an h-factor of 25. He holds 17 patents and has contributed with more than 140 papers to international conferences.

His research activities include photonic lab-on-a-chip, integrated optical devices and platforms, and related materials, processes and technologies. He received the ERC Starting Grant in 2008 and the ERC Proof of Concept Grant in 2015, both from the European Research Council.

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