Great application potential in industry and research

In recent years, the early generations of ultrafast laser systems have been applied to micromachining, semiconductor manufacturing and imaging. Now, the rapid development of more powerful, tunable and robust lasers, more advanced spectroscopy techniques can be transferred from the laser lab to the factory floor. "Our new laser is an ideal testbed to demonstrate and refine such techniques. SAL aims to be at the forefront of these innovations, exploring and introducing new techniques and methodologies in spintronics, semiconductor fabrication and testing, and remote sensing - with promising applications to the photonics and communication industry, the energy sector, and the automotive and medical systems industries", reports Matteo Montagnese, Senior Scientist in the Research Unit Photonic Systems.

The laser system can be also used in contract research, in several ways: the tunability characteristics of this cutting-edge laser make it a quasi-unique in the European photonics research landscape, allowing it to be used as an incentive to attract new industrial and academic partners, foster knowledge transfer and launch new projects. Moreover, this new laser will allow experiments to be set up quickly and conducted simultaneously in a flexible and optimized manner, using a variety of analytical techniques of interest to our customers. Thus, in addition to strategic research projects, contract research can be carried out with partners from industry and academia.

SAL focuses on photonics research

Within the framework of the research focus Photonics, SAL has set itself the goal of acquiring competencies along the entire value chain, from MEMS to photonic systems and controlling all aspects of light. In particular, the new Light Conversion laser enables SAL to expand its capabilities in mastering nonlinear optics and ultrafast spectroscopy and to further extend its expertise in developing light sources and applied nonlinear spectroscopy for industrial applications.

Strong partnership with Light Conversion

"We have chosen the company Light Conversion because of its long history of developing and delivering highly customizable laser system and optics solutions in close partnership with industry and research communities. This allows us to optimize development strategies reducing time and costs", so Gerald Auböck, Staff Scientist in the Research Unit Photonic Systems.