At SAL, we are aware about the fact that our valuable natural resources will run out in the near future. That is why we see waste as an opportunity to make lasting changes by  supporting the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 defined by the UN with our international research power.

Some of our key contributions to the circular economy are our collaborations with industry partners like TOMRA Recycling and Lindner Recyclingtech. 

Our projects target different key steps in the recycling process like the industrial shredding of waste material and the sensor-based sorting. Therefore, we have integrated electronic sensors in combination with AI for the monitoring of critical components in an industrial shredder to optimize the shredding process. Moreover, hyperspectral imaging solutions are developed to differentiate materials in industrial sorting applications by subtle spectral features which are not resolvable by the human eye. This technology makes it possible to detect different materials like polymers, glass or paper that can be reused as base materials for new products. Our research helps to reduce the need for new raw materials and therefore also to protect the environment.