More than Moore

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"More than Moore" refers to a law observed by Gordon Moore in 1965, according to which the number of circuit components on a chip doubles every one to two years while costs remain the same. But the current trend shows that even more is possible - more functionality and more efficiency in even smaller components. Or to put it in other words: "More than Moore".

The research goals on More-than-Moore technologies at SAL are reduction of complexity, miniaturization and increase in efficiency of components. SAL in Villach covers the entire research value chain and combines it with high-tech manufacturing technology.

Research Focus

  • Photonic MEMS
  • Piezo MEMS
  • Magnetic Sensor Systems
  • Sustainable Sensors
  • Applicative Packaging


Dr. Jürgen Kosel

Head of Research Division 
Sensor Systems

Dr. Mohssen Moridi

Head of Research Division
Microsystem Technologies

DI Alfred Binder, MSc

Head of Research Division
Power Electronics


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