High Power Density Converters

High Power Density Converter
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Power electronics are at the heart of the development toward ecologically compatible mobility and energy-efficient digitalization. Invisible from the outside, it is hidden in almost every Electronics and Software Based System today - be it in the smartphone, the laptop or the e-car. To meet the growing demands on electronic components and the need for high-performance and reliable integrated power supply, the SAL team is working on power electronic systems along the entire ESBS value chain, from design to component characterization to hardware.

As part of the Tiny Power Box project, a holistic, three-dimensional simulation methodology was developed. This enables designs to be checked and optimized in terms of their power density, efficiency and functionality - even before a physical prototype is produced. This minimizes development time and maximizes service life.

Research Focus

  • Highly efficient power converters & inverters
  • Emerging control engineering theory
  • Multiphysics simulation
  • Power system health monitoring


DI Alfred Binder, MSc

Head of Research Division
Power Electronics

Dr. Bernhard Auinger

Head of Research Unit
Coexistence & Electromagnetic Compatibility

Dr. Hubert Berger

Head of Research Unit
Instrumentation & Testing

Dr. Christian Mentin

Head of Research Unit
Packaging & Multiphysics


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