Intelligent Wireless Systems

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Enable wireless connectivity

In the Intelligent Wireless Systems research division, the focus is on innovations in relation to wireless communication and radar technologies in the radio-frequency spectrum from MHz through to the very high GHz range. RF systems provide the connection over the air for wireless communications systems (incl. RFID, WPAN, LPWAN, 4G/5G). This enables mobile broadband connection of mobile devices (such as smart phones, tablets and laptops), wireless “machine-to-machine” communication (M2M) that connects billions of IOT devices and increasingly wireless sensor networks in industrial applications. RF systems in the GHz range are also used for radar systems, which are a key element for autonomous driving, but also increasingly used in medical systems and material testing.


  • Massive MIMO and beamforming
  • Interference reduction and coexistence
  • GHz CMOS RF circuit design
  • (Ultra-) low power RF circuit design and wireless power transfer (WPT)
  • Heterogeneous RF front-end integration
  • Radar sensor data processing including machine learning and sensor fusion
  • Secure wireless networks for massive IOT and mission-critical communications


  • Advanced signal processing and machine learning
  • Radio-frequency and mixed-signal integrated circuit design
  • Radio-frequency front-end design
  • Wireless protocols and standards (RFID, 802.x, LTE (incl. NB-IOT), 5G, ...)
  • Virtual prototyping, measurement and testing

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Here you can find selected projects from the field of Intelligent Wireless Systems.


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