Frontend Integrated Circuits and Systems

In the “Frontend Integrated Circuits and Systems” research unit we explore RF and mmWave transceiver frontends for emerging massive MIMO communication systems. The team provides a solid background in RF/mmWave integrated circuits for digital intensive transceiver architectures and co-design of RFIC, SiP and PCB hybrid integrated systems.

Research foci

  • RF and mmWave transceiver frontends with fully digital transmitter architectures
  • Design of RF integrated circuits like LNA’s, mixers and power amplifiers
  • Sampling and subsampling receivers
  • Digitally assisted RF concepts like digital predistortion and self-interference cancellation
  • Codesign and co-optimization of RFIC and RF frontend modules using heterogeneous / hybrid integration technologies like System-in-Package (SiP) or System-on-Module (SoM)

Research competencies

  • RF and mmWave integrated circuit design with modern CMOS (SOI, FinFet) or HBT technologies
  • Modern CAD and simulation hardware facilities are available with access to IC technologies via Europractice production service
  • Modelling and design of RF passive components using 3D field solvers like HFSS or Momentum
  • RF and mmWave PCB Design
  • Lab characterization of RF and mmWave frontend building blocks on PCB and on wafer level
  • Development of test solutions for transceiver frontends


  • Fully digital mmWave transmitters for 5G base station massive MIMO antenna arrays
  • Efficient auxiliary sensing receivers for digital pre-distortion (DPD) in phased arrays

Your contact person

Dr.-Ing. Jörg Hauptmann

Staff Scientist Frontend Integrated Circuits & Systems


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