Frontend Integrated Circuits and Systems

In the “Frontend Integrated Circuits and Systems” Research Unit we explore AD and DA converters, RF- and Mixed Signal-IP as well as frontend integrated circuits in communication and sensor systems. The team provides a solid background in data converters design, and integrated sensing solutions for a variety of applications such as LiDAR, thermal and ultrasound imaging. Moreover, we are focusing on RF- and MS-design, designing of ASIC, AFE circuits and FPGA-based protype for digital intensive transceiver architectures and smart sensors with the co-design of RFIC (SoC), SiP and heterogenous integration technologies.

Research foci

  • SAR ADC, Sigma Delta ADC, flash and cyclic TDC in ASIC and FPGA
  • RF DAC
  • Integrated matching networks and Balun
  • Sampling and subs­am­pling recei­vers
  • LiDAR applications, from automotive to medical imaging, based on ToF and FMCW engine
  • ToF image sensors based on SPADs
  • AMS IC design for sensors interfacing such as bolometers, pMUT and all digital MEMS mirrors
  • Co-de­sign and co-opti­miza­tion of photonic IC and RF frontend modules using hete­ro­ge­neous inte­gra­tion tech­no­lo­gies like System-on-Module (SoM)

Research competencies

  • RF and MS inte­grated circuit design with modern CMOS (SOI, FinFet) and silicon photonics technologies
  • Model­ling and design of RF passive compo­n­ents using 3D field solvers like HFSS or Momentum
  • FPGA and digital design
  • PCB Design
  • Lab charac­te­riza­tion of MS and RF frontend buil­ding blocks prototyping
  • Deve­lop­ment of MS & RF-IP for trans­ceiver front­ends and integrated sensing solution
  • Integrated sensor systems prototyping


  • Photonic RF DAC
  • IoT-transceiver
  • LiDAR for automotive and medical imaging such as FLIM and PET
  • Thermal imaging
  • Ultrasound imaging

Your contact person

portrait Jörg Hauptmann and Ion Vornicu

Dr.-Ing. Jörg Haupt­mann, Head of Research Unit Frontend Integrated Circuits and Systems

Dr. Ion Vornicu, Staff Scientist | Sensor Interface | Deputy Frontend Integrated Circuits and Systems


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