Millimeter Wave Technologies

Millimeter Wave Technologies are bringing innovation in wireless and radar systems technologies to the next level. The team focuses on developing key systems technologies from MHz to sub-THz frequency range in emerging 5G/6G and radar/imaging/sensor applications.

Research foci

  • Massive MIMO 5G (sub-6GHz and mmWave) transceiver frontends
  • Design of mmWave and sub-THz RF integrated circuits (PA, PLL, Phase Shifters, LNAs, Mixers) in advanced silicon technologies
  • (Ultra)-low power RF circuit design and wire­less power transfer (WPT)
  • Radar sensor signal process­ing including machine learning and sensor fusion
  • Inter­fer­ence reduc­tion and coex­is­tence of heterogenous wireless systems
  • Agile analog/RF IC design
  • RF ICs for secure wireless networks
  • System architecture and analysis of phase-array/MIMO RF front-ends


Research competencies

  • RF, mm-wave and sub-THz integrated circuit design in cutting edge CMOS (bulk, FinFET, SOI) and bipolar technologies
  • Wire­less proto­cols and stan­dards (RFID, 802.15.3, LTE (incl. NB-IOT), 5G, ...) knowledge for transceiver design and testbed communication development
  • RF and mmWave PCB Design
  • A complete set of integrated circuits CAD tools are available to support systems, circuit and device modeling as well as design of SoC ASICs
  • The access to silicon technologies are enabled via Europractice production service
  • Equipped laboratory for testing integrated circuit proof-of-concept prototypes (RF and mmWave frontend building blocks) on PCB
  • Virtual proto­typing, measure­ment and testing



  • mmWave and sub-6GHz transceivers for 5G base station massive MIMO antenna arrays
  • OTA testbed for radar and 5G mmWave communication devices

Your contact person

DI Dr. Christoph Wagner

Head of Research Unit Millimeter Wave Technologies


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