Not only the number of researchers at our headquarters in Graz is increasing, but also the required equipment and laboratory space for doing research is growing. Therefore, a new Power Electronics Lab was set-up and put into operation. 

In general, Power Electronics deals with conversion and control of electrical power, aiming for high efficiency and compact designs for a huge range of applications. Typical applications are power supplies, motor drive inverters, photovoltaic and fuels cell power converters, heating control and HVDC power systems.

State of the art equipment in our new lab enables our researchers to further deepen their findings and gain new information. "Our Power Electronics team is working on a power factor correction circuit with a nominal power of 7kW. In order to achieve the goal of reducing the size of the EMI filter at the input, various circuit concepts such as interleaving in combination with a suitable controller are tested", as Franz Vollmaier mentions.