Surely you know this: You have the ultimate idea for solving a central problem and want to open up new market opportunities, strengthen your market position and overtake your competitors with an innovation. Yes? Then you probably also know from your own experience that the path to funding consumes an essential resource: time! Time that the market does not give you. Time that you will miss for essential business activities.

Let's briefly review the conventional path to financing an innovation: In addition to the day-to-day work you have to do, you first have to find the right funding opportunity in the "funding jungle," then write a comprehensive application and submit it on time, only to wait up to twelve months for approval. Your fingers are often crossed in vain, even though you have spent a lot of your precious time on the submission! If the application is rejected, which is the case for around 80 % depending on the funding, the game starts all over again. In the meantime, months upon months can pass: Your innovation fails to enter the market because of bureaucratic hurdle runs, and your competitive advantages decline. Now it is you who has been overtaken!

Now imagine, starting your project within 6 to 8 weeks, not having to fight your way through a "funding jungle" and above all not having to write an application. Unbelievable, isn't it? Imagine further how your research budget doubles unbureaucratically, how you contribute only a quarter of the project volume in cash and supplement the remaining quarter with "in-kind services" (e.g. machine and personnel hours), how you tap into the comprehensive know-how of around 260 scientists and additionally benefit from the most modern infrastructure (clean room, optics, laser and quantum laboratory, etc.). In short, how you can realize your innovation and exploit innovation potential. With Silicon Austria Labs all this is possible, regardless of company size and industry!

Would you like a little more? In addition to bilateral project consortia, multi-lateral consortia - national as well as international - can further multiply synergy effects to increase your project volume, bundle know-how and strengthen the innovative power of each individual partner. Furthermore, consortia are open to the involvement of academic partners (universities, etc.) in order to significantly increase project success by contributing additional scientific expertise, such as interdisciplinary knowledge.

You have been looking for the hook all the time? Here it is! The only requirement is that your idea must contain a research character and it can be developed to a prototype at most. This requirement also reflects the fact that we focus on our core competencies: Research & Development.

What are you waiting for now?

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