Silicon Austria Labs is a world-class research center and pioneer in Electronics and Software Based Systems.


From Idea
To Innovation

Silicon Austria Labs propels ideas into innovation in the fields of microsystems, sensor systems, intelligent wireless systems, power electronics and embedded systems with a consistent research excellence and economic impact.


Living and breathing scientific excellence

We are the leading research and technology center, working in the field of Electronics and Software Based Systems, serving customers, partners, and our employees.

  • We establish research standards at the highest international level.
  • We cultivate a motivating and free environment to spark groundbreaking insights with trustworthy cooperation.
  • We recognize our potential in the great variety and diversity of our employees.
  • Enthusiasm is our guarantee for top, global performance.

Cultivating globally reaching networks

We cooperate worldwide, with research institutions and industrial companies, to leverage the critical, added value they can provide in a process of innovation.

  • We connect and inspire key players from industry and science and, in this way, conduct cooperative, application-oriented research along the value chain.
  • We connect teams and research areas through our divisions and locations.
  • We make investments to strengthen our ecosystem and our own innovative power. 

Embracing business and society

We simultaneously are aware of tomorrow’s social challenges and understand the needs of both our customers and our employees. Together, we develop holistic and sustainable solutions for their, and our, long-term success.

  • We leverage boundless innovation processes to embrace 21st century challenges, add tangible value to our customers, and realize economic impact.
  • We are a key enabler, leveraging the ongoing digital transformation, broadly supporting industry and society.
  • We advocate the compatibility of work and family life by providing flexible working time, home office and various parental leave models.

Achieving financially sustainable success

We strive for stable financing to realize our expansion strategy.

  • We perform an optimal mix of strategic research, cooperative research, and contract research and thus continuously improve our revenues.
  • We grow through satisfied partners and customers.
  • We invest in the future.


  • We challenge and inspire each other – only with ambition and diligence will we make it into the Champions League of Research. 
  • We draw upon diversity for enrichment and mutual tolerance as the vital basis for good cooperation.
  • We face each other with respect and appreciation.
  • We communicate in an open, yet diplomatic and respectful manner.        
  • Regardless of their source, the best arguments, guide the way – hierarchies are as flat as possible.
  • We recognize the achievements of our individuals, but our goals can only be achieved together – teamwork is the name of the game.

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