This project aims to develop advanced pMUT ultrasonic transducers and arrays (functional demonstrator) for gas flowmeters for flow measurement in transportation and energy-related applications.

Project Objectives

The main objective is the development of advanced pMUT arrays for gas flowmeters from concept to prototype

Advanced pMUT arrays will enable the gas flowmeters to work in harsh conditions.

Further research efforts:

  • The frequency shift caused by the pressure variations will be compensated, e.g., the center frequency can be shifted from 300 kHz to 200 kHz.
  • The bandwidth of advanced pMUT arrays will be improved to 50 %.


Project facts

Title: Development of piezoelectric micromachined ultrasonic transducers for next-generation gas flowmeters

Program: SAL Cooperative Research (SCR)

Your contact person

Claire Bourquard

Piezoelectric Microsystem Technologies

Research program

PIXEL is a research project within the framework of the program "PROGRAM 2: Elec­tronic microsys­tems & nanosys­tems and beyond - CMOS process tech­nolo­gies".

Member Area