In addition to patients and healthcare professionals (HCPs), numerous other professional and individual groups (regulators, insurance providers, technology developers, friends and relatives of patients) can contribute to results of health measures in modern healthcare. In this context, optimal communication/interaction channels between them are crucial. This project aims to support decision makers through the comprehensive use of digital tools.

Project objectives

Consequently, the main goals of "Lighten - Virtual sensing of human vital parameters and sensor data fusion for patient safety" are:

  • Collect the user requirements of involved stakeholders, HCPs and patients
  • Prepare pre-recorded longitudinal patient data for artificial intelligence-based analysis and processing
  • Improve both, trustworthiness and precision of employed medical sensors by the implementation of sensor fusion
  • Provide the values of physiological relevant vital parameters, which are conventionally only available through massive medical intervention, by the implementation of virtual sensing
  • Realize a patient's digital twin to support HCPs and patients during their decision-making process and subsequent monitoring and readjustment respectively


Project facts

  • Title: Lighten - Virtual sensing of human vital parameters and sensor data fusion for patient safety
  • Program: Application Specific Sensor Concepts and Sensor Systems
  • Project leader: Rudolf Heer
  • Duration: 36 months

Your contact person

Dr. Rudolf Heer

Head of Research Unit | Electronic Sensors


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