This project is investigating circuit topologies which can be used for mm-Wave Wireless communication. The mm-Wave frequencies can support beyond 100Gbps communication speed because of the availability of wide and unused frequency spectrum. This project explores ideas for implementing low phase noise and wide range oscillator design for a fully integrated 6G transceiver solutions.

Project objectives

The objective is to design frequency synthesiser in a cutting-edge technology node (e.g., 22nm FD-SOI CMOS) operating beyond 100GHz for up to 100Gbps capacity supporting 6G emerging applications and use cases. The goal is to indentify the factors that limit device performance at these frequencies through proper device characterization and modelling.

Project facts

This project is a part of Theia which is a project on a fully integrated 6G Transceiver. The project is managed by Gernot Hueber and is expected to finish in 2023. At present, it is completely funded by SAL. University of Pavia is the academic partner.

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