ENABLING POWER TECHNOLOGIES ON 300MM WAFERS: The ENIAC JU project EPT300 aims to develop and implement technology to achieve full-scale production of power devices on 300mm wafers. This will place European fabs at the forefront of power semiconductor manufacturing worldwide.


Major elements of European Commissions’ Europe 2020 strategy are the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency and electro-mobility. A key enabler to realise these goals will be the production of power semiconductors designed and manufactured at low cost and in sufficient quantities in Europe with equipment and materials supplied by European companies. The ENIAC JU project EPT300 will be a decisive step forward in the strengthening of Europe’s leading position in power semiconductor technologies and „More-than-Moore“ manufacturing capabilities. EPT300 plan to realise demonstrators on a pilot production line and to prove the readiness for large-scale manufacture in a fabrication environment based on selected products and technologies.



The consortium consists of 22 partners from 4 European countries. Together they will address, within the EPT300 project, challenges on process, production, handling and automation technologies based on 300 mm wafers.


Developments will include:

  1. Enhance the core competences of European companies in the development of technology for power semiconductors and the ability to manufacture at competitive cost in Europe.
  2. Achieve best-in-class productivity in the fabrication of leading-edge power semiconductors while addressing advanced, energy-efficient applications for industrial and mobility purposes; and
  3. Develop the supply chain for the manufacture of leading edge power semiconductor technologies in Europe.



With the help of this ENIAC JU project, European semiconductor manufacturing and the European equipment and materials industries will be first in the world with a 300mm power semiconductor processing line dedicated to power-device production. EPT300 therefore represents a major step forward in the realisation of leading-edge manufacturing capabilities in Europe.


  • Project: EPT300
  • Programme: ENIAC Joint Undertaking
  • Project Leader: Infineon Technologies Austria AG
  • Duration: April 2012 - March 2015
  • Consortium: 22 Partners from 4 nations
  • Project Volume: 43,65 mio Euro
  • Website: www.ept300.eu

Research program

EPT300 is co-funded by national grants and the ENIAC Joint Undertaking (ENIAC JU).

Member Area