Active Metamaterial

Within the project „Active Metamaterial”, we investigate the manipulation of high frequency electromagnetic waves, which occur in future wireless communication techniques and radar applications. This shall be accomplished by intelligent design of planar, periodic metal structures, called RF Metasurfaces.

Project Objectives

The project "Active Metamaterial" deals with the investigation and prototyping of active metasurfaces based on inductive/capacitive grid or patch fields which will later func­tion as thin lenses and active reflec­tors. The stated goal is to influence either the radiation of integrated antennas or the sensing properties of radar targets.

The following is targeted:

  • Design of active and passive metamaterial systems as reflect- and transmit-arrays to enhance, switch or steer emitted mm-wave
  • Numerical and analytical development of frequency selective surfaces created from inductive and capacitive arrays in an antenna or sensor systems
  • Improvement of antennas using metasurfaces as reflect arrays enabling sub-wavelength resonators
  • Switching, focussing or deflecting beams through active transmit arrays which enable electromagnetic wave manipulation
  • Direction of arrival estimation applying differently engineered metasurfaces to multiple single antennas
  • Verification of the designed structures through full-wave simulations in Ansys HFSS or through fabrication and subsequent over-the-air measurements
  • Investigation of potential RF applications in general research fields as e.g. wireless communication, over-the-air measurement techniques, radar, and many more

Project facts

Title: Active, integrated metasurfaces for antenna and sensing applications

Duration: 17 June 2019 - 31 March 2022

Your contact person

Saeid Karamzadeh

Senior Scientist Millimeter Wave Technologies

Research program

Next Generation Heterogeneous Integration

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