Piezoelectric Microsystem Technologies

The Research Unit “Piezoelectric Microsystem Technologies” aims to integrate advanced piezoelectric thin films such as aluminum scandium nitride (AlScN) and lead zirconate titanate (PZT) into novel MEMS fabrication processes. Our goal is to manufacture novel complex sensor and actuator microsystem devices such as acoustic transducers (PMUT, SAW/BAW, microphone or microspeaker) and micromirrors. This way, we can address the needs of our customers and partners in telecommunications and automotive and industrial applications.

Research Foci

  • Design and conception of thin film unimorph and multimorph piezoelectric based microsystem transducers (PMUT, SAW/BAW, micromirrors, microphone, microspeakers etc.)
  • Integration of high quality piezoelectric thin films (AlN, AlScN, PZT) on 200-mm Si and SOI wafers in novel microfabrication processes
  • Development of dedicated characterization setups for the characterization of acoustic MEMS and optical MEMS.

Research competencies

  • Design and conception of thin film piezoelectric based microsystem transducers for more than ten years (PMUT, SAW/BAW, micromirrors, microphone, microspeakers etc.); use of FEM modelling as well as in-house developed analytical design tools
  • Fabrication processes and processes flows on 200-mm Si and SOI wafers (incl. sputter deposition and structuring of AlN, AlScN, PZT, electrode and passivation layer structuring, top and backside etching of silicon, vacuum wafer level packaging of MEMS)
  • Wafer-level process metrology as well as piezoelectric thin films characterization
  • Chip-level characterization of MEMS using dedicated characterization set ups (e.g., optical scan angle of micromirrors) as well as standard setups (laser doppler vibrometry, Digital Holographic Microscopy)


  • Micromirror for miniaturized pico-projectors and road lighting
  • Microphones for accurate measurements of pressure fluctuation
  • Microphones for gas sensing applications
  • PMUT for high resolution intracardiac medical imaging
  • SAW/BAW for high frequency RF filters and biological sensors

Your contact person

Dr. Mohssen Moridi

Head of Research Division Microsystems

e-mail: contact@silicon-austria.com

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