The 5E Contest was originated to showcase outstanding electronic products from European innovators and reward their research excellence in the fields of Nanoelectronics, Electronic Smart Systems and Flexible, Organic & Printed Electronics. The competition was carried out as part of the 5E Project, which aims to promote digitalization and further strengthen the European electronics industry.

Development of a sustainable sensor solution

SAL is one of 3 winners and was able to convince in the category "Best electronics product developed in-house by any interested party" with the multifunctional bifacial sensor developed by the team of the Research Unit Sensor Applications. It is a flexible, passive, wireless sensor tag on paper substrate for measuring environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity and strain.

The development of the presented sensor tag was also driven by environmental considerations: Electronic waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the EU. At the same time, the number of sensors produced is also increasing rapidly, creating the need for sustainable and green sensor solutions. We want to address all these challenges with our multifunctional sensor. Both the device itself and its manufacturing process are sustainable by employing additive manufacturing technologies and materials. Additionally, the double-sided design optimizes performance and minimizes material consumption.

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