The main source of greenhouse gas emissions in Austria continues to be transport. According to the Ministry of Sustainability, almost 50% of total emissions are attributable to the transport sector. Road traffic, both passenger and freight transport, accounts for 99% of this, with the remainder distributed among national air, rail and shipping traffic.

"As a high-tech research company, we are aware of our responsibility and try to integrate sustainability into all business areas. At SAL, we have therefore made it our goal to avoid individual travel by car or even by plane whenever possible during business trips and to travel by bus or train instead", says Gerald Murauer, CEO of SAL. "We are therefore very pleased about this certificate and see ourselves encouraged to continue to rely on this type of business travel, especially for short distances. Since we had few business trips in 2020 due to Covid-19, our savings in CO2 emissions will certainly increase significantly in the next few years." 

Our solution for the energy transition

In addition, we want to make a significant contribution to climate protection and to achieving the EU sustainability targets not only in our day-to-day work, but also through our research. To this end, we are developing key technologies for important trends such as e-mobility, clean energy or the relocation of production to Europe. All of this is put into practice in projects such as the Tiny Power Box, where we are making the internal charger of an e-car ever smaller, or the "AEROMIC" project, where MEMS microphones are helping to reduce aircraft noise.