With the installation of the “ShakeEvent” climate chamber by Weiss Technik at the SAL laboratory in Graz, the Research Unit Electronic Sensors (ELS) is taking a first step towards establishing a one-stop-shop for Electronic Based System (EBS) co-development with its partners with the goal to offer a holistic approach for functional EBS testing and optimisation during operation.

The “ShakeEvent” is a climate chamber that can test devices under combined mechanical and thermal/climatic stress within a wide parameter range (temperatures from -70°C to +180°C, relative humidity from 10% to 95%) and at rapid change rates (ramp speed up to 15°C per minute). This is particularly relevant, for example, for testing components from the automotive and aerospace industries as these are subject to intense vibrational forces and rapid temperature changes in different climates during operation.

In close cooperation with the Technical University Graz, SAL is realising a centre for EBS testing in Graz that spans the entire EBS value chain with special focus on virtual prototyping, x-in-the-loop testing and optimisation of EBS through tests under extreme conditions. SAL will offer these functionalities as a service to industry and research partners.          

In a first stage, a major investment is planned for setting up the testing laboratory that will include equipment for evaluating EBS in operation and under environmental stress such as vibration, shock, temperature, radiation, specific gas atmospheres or simulated high altitudes. Also planned is a test facility according to the JEDEC (Joint Electron Device Engineering Council, now called JEDEC Solid State Technology Association) HALT/HAST (Highly Accelerated Lifetime Test / Highly Accelerated Stress Test) standard.