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Isabella Preuer, Head of Communications & PR

Isabella Preuer started at SAL in 2019 as Communications Specialist. From 2020, she has been Head of Communications & PR and responsible for all internal and external communication as well as public relations. In this interview she tells us how she came to SAL after being self-employed in the film industry and why her #1 advice for job applicants is “Take the chance!”.

Isabella in three fun facts:

  • can sing really well – when she’s alone in the car
  • enjoys food if she doesn’t have to cook it
  • prefers speaking English over German

"Take the chance!"

Dear Isabella, how did your career path take you to SAL?

I was always interested in communications and marketing, and I love to write and record videos. I was able to combine those interests with the English language, pursuing two degrees in English Studies and Communication & Media Science. After finishing university, I wasn’t interested in a regular desk job, which is why I worked in the film production as my own employer. In the end, however, I realized that working alone was not my thing after all and I started looking for a permanent position. Thus, I came across an open position in SAL’s Communications department. I didn’t know a lot about electronics or sensors, but the topics sounded very interesting – so I sent in my letter of application (in turquoise SAL colors ;-)).  

… and since you are here now, you got the job. :-)

I did! I started to work part-time as a Specialist for Communications at SAL, giving up my job as a self-employed filmmaker and starting to work full-time half a year later. What I really enjoyed was that in my team, we were on equal footing from the get-go, and I was able to contribute my ideas. My concern that I wouldn’t be able to work as independently and flexibly in a permanent position did definitely not come true at SAL. 

And where did your path lead you within SAL?

After one and a half years, I was asked if I wanted to become Head of the Communications department. My first thought was: I’ll never get a boss like mine again, so I’ll have to do the job myself and learn to be a good leader! Of course, I had to grow into the role first, but I learned a lot in doing so. Now I am Head of Communications & PR and my responsibilities are growing steadily.

Last but not least: What would you tell people who want to apply at SAL?

My #1 advice for interested applicants would be “take the chance!” Don’t be frightened by job ads looking for “superheroes”. Especially in departments such as marketing or communications, applicants seem to need to have everything, from perfect writing, photography and design skills, but that is obviously not realistic. If your soft skills fit a team and you are hired for a certain position, you can always gain the hard skills. My second piece of advice would be not to overthink a promotion or the opportunity to take on more responsibility. You shouldn’t ask yourself “but am I qualified to do this?”, because if you weren’t, you wouldn’t be considered for the position. On that note, you can also apply advice #1 here: Take the chance!

Who is your professional role model?

My former boss Julia Kaufmann, who led the Communications department at SAL before me. She showed me what it meant to be a good leader, and that is working towards something together. I was able to learn a lot from her.

What was your highlight at SAL so far?

One highlight I can think of was the press conference at the European Forum Alpbach 2022, which I wasn’t only able to organize but also moderate. I also think the SAL summer parties, where people from all three locations come together, are very motivational. Those are the moments in which you can really feel the team spirit.

What do you appreciate about SAL?

The appreciation throughout the whole team! I am no scientist or researcher, but I actively contribute to our vision and the functioning of our research center, and I feel like I am part of the bigger picture.

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