Sputter Cluster

SAL Villach

Sputter Cluster

Magnetron sputtering clustertool for various thin film single and multilayers on 200 mm wafers.

Research Services:

  • Metal, oxide, and nitride thin film sputtering from 5 modules
  • (Pulsed) DC, RF, reactive/non-reactive, and co-sputtering capabilities
  • Co-sputtering from up-to 4 targets in multisource module
  • In-vacuo transport of wafers between modules and pre-treatment units
  • Automated processing of 25 wafer batch
  • Material examples: Pt, Ti, TiO2, SiO2 Mo, Al, W, AlN, AlScN, and many more on request



Magnetron sputtering – Evatec Clusterline 200E:

  • 2 multisource modules for oxides/nitrides (+ HiPIMS generator), PZT module, single target nitride module with hot chuck, soft etch module, PEALD (2023)



Heimo Müller

Head of Business Development & Grant Office


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