Future vehicles will be connected, efficient and highly automated. This will make them a primary target for all kinds of cyber-threats. This is exactly where the project WS2CARE comes in, focusing on the identification, verification and validation of wireless components in vehicles.

Cyber Security is becoming one of the most important issues in the vehicles of the future. The automotive industry needs to focus on security along the entire value chain and life cycle. An important part is the continuous verification and validation of the resilience of vehicles. The security of mobility systems must also be ensured along the entire value chain ("security testing").

An important prerequisite for efficient security testing is deep analysis and identification of the SUT (system under test).

Project Objectives

The goals are to be defined as follows:

  • Development of a testing framework based on security standards that enables:
    • Identification, verification and validation (V&V) of wireless components (in-vehicle, V2V, V2I) in vehicles to facilitate cyber-security testing
    • Providing input for developing new protection measures
  • The testing tool follows a hierarchical test structure, ranging from the most important vulnerabilities to the less crucial ones.

Project facts

Title: Wireless Security & Safety ClAssifieR Environment

Project leader: Thomas Blazek

Duration: 1 June 2020 - 31 December 2023


Research program

Secure wireless sensor and actuator communication networks

Member Area