T-TRONICS combines wood & electronics. The aim of the project is to equip wood products with a wide range of functions and thus optimize production processes with the help of embedded sensors.
four pieces of wood printed with electronics

Project goals

The main research interest in this project is the integration of new sensing approaches and electronic concepts in innovative, wood-based products and production lines. For this purpose, various approaches are being investigated in parallel running work packages.

The most important research topics are:

  • Research & development of integrated sensing approaches embedded into/onto timber products
  • Data management and communication methods
  • Process optimization via innovative sensor concepts

Project facts

  • Title: Merging of Timber and Electronics (T-Tronics)
  • Program: SAL Chip2Sys
  • Project duration: 2022-03-01 till 2026-02-28 (48 Monate)

Your contact person

Lukas Neumaier, MSc

Senior Scientist Sensor Applications

e-mail: lukas.neumaier@silicon-austria.com

Research program

Member Area