The SensSemicon project is about developing a network-wireless-sensor-system to make semiconductor manufacturing machines fit for Industry 4.0. The aim is to obtain important data from the inside of the machine under extreme working conditions and to enable predictive maintenance.
Integriert in den Halbleiterproduktionsanlagen soll das smarte Sensornetzwerk sensible Informationen aus dem Innersten der Anlage per Funk übermitteln. ©Lam Research EOS-single-apfull


The aim of the SensSemicon project is to explore the technological possibilities for implementing a passive multi-sensor network in order to integrate it into semiconductor production machines.

Currently, modern semiconductor production machines are already working remotely and largely fully automatically. Now it is about enabling a permanent and real-time monitoring of defined parameters during the course of the process.


The results of the collaborative research work should enable reliable information on the internal processes and states of a semiconductor production mesh to be recorded via an integrated sensor network and to communicate these externally via an appropriate interface.

In addition to a state-of-the-art semiconductor production machine, this requires specially smart sensors recording information and transmitting, working under extreme chemical processes, an optimized contactless and wireless detection system, a sophisticated algorithm and a great deal of research know-how.

At the same time, the system should enable identification of multiple different plant components during operation, as well as record measurement and process data. The permanent and autonomous recording of the system status in real time should enable not only condition-oriented but also predictive maintenance. In this way, forecasts are to be made possible, at which time the occurrence of a fault is to be expected. As a result, production-downtimes can be reduced, productivity increased and resources used optimally.


The research consortium consists of four partners who work along the entire value chain of an Industry 4.0 sensor network. On the part of industry Lam Research brings in the semiconductor machines, NXP provides the corresponding RFID chips including the wireless KNOW-HOW. The research center SAL is focusing on the necessary integration and sensor technology know-how and the partner erfideo uses algorithms to ensure complete and real-time data acquisition.

Project facts

Projekt: SensSemicon „Intelligente hochintegrierte Sensorsysteme für prädikative Instandhaltung von Halbleiter-Produktionsmaschinen“

Programm: FTI-Initiative „Silicon!Alps“

Projektleitung: Silicon Austria Labs GmbH

Laufzeit: 2 Jahre (01/2018 – 12/2019)

Konsortium: 4 Partner:  Lam Research AG, NXP Semiconductors Austria GmbH, erfideo Software & Identifikations GmbH, Silicon Austria Labs GmbH

Projekt Volumen: €  826.881,-

Finanzierung:  30 % Industrie | 70 % Forschungsförderung 

Your contact person

Dr. Christina Hirschl



Research program

Das Projekt "SensSemicon" wird im Rahmen der FTI-Initiative Silicon!Alps, F&E Projekte im Bereich Mikroelektronik der Bundesländer Steiermark und Kärnten, gefördert.

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