Millimeter Wave Over-The-Air Testing

The project Millimeter Wave Over-the-Air (mmWave OTA) is researching and developing a cutting-edge test-setup employing novel active metamaterial surfaces to assess the radiation characteristics of mmWave frequency devices from automotive radars to 5G/6G mobile devices.

Project Objectives

The scope of the “Millimeter Wave Over-The-Air (mmWave OTA)” project is investigating and developing a novel test-setup for assessing the radiation characteristics and antenna parameters of mmWave frequency devices in a rapid and repeatable fashion. This project enables the evaluation of the receiver and transmitter beamforming capabilities of automotive radars, as well as 5G/6G mobile devices. The evaluate of the device under test (DUT) is performed in a matter of seconds since the test through-put has priority. Utilizing a small footprint is also one of its main features and makes use of cost-efficient measurement equipment as well as novel metamaterial elements. Importantly, it makes no (or minimal) use of mechanical moving elements, thus eliminating the need to rotate the DUT, which is critical at high frequencies.  The measurement setup is planned to be developed in three phases: 1. Feasibility, 2. Static radiation of DUT, and 3. Dynamic radiation of DUT) in order to reach expected results.

Project Consortium

  • Silicon Austria Labs GmbH
  • Infineon Technologies Austria AG
  • JKU Linz
  • FH OÖ Hagenberg


Project facts

  • Title: mmWave OTA
  • Cooperative research project
  • Project duration: 3 years

Your contact person

Boro Reljic

Senior Scientist Millimeter Wave Technologies

Research program

The mmWave OTA project is funded by Infineon Technologies Austria and Silicon Austria Labs GmbH.

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