The project FLEXS targets the realization of a sustainable and self-sufficient flexible sensor platform for chemical gas detection. As a use-case, breath analysis will be targeted (e.g. Acetone, CO2). For the realization additive technologies such as Inkjet- and Aerosoljet printing as well as sustainable and biocompatible materials will be employed.

Project Objectives

  • Realization of a highly conformable, sustainable, wearable, self-sufficient chemical sensor
  • The system is powered and read-out via RFID.
  • Application possibility: This sensor is used to monitor acetone in exhaled air for continuous monitoring of blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. The minimally invasive and highly conformable sensor system can be inserted in the nose

Project facts

  • Projecttitle: Flexible self-Sufficient Sustainable Sensor (FLEXS)
  • Project duration: March 2022 – February 2025
  • As part of the FLEXS project one PhD at EPFL is conducted.

Your contact person

Johanna Zikulnig, MSc

Sensor Applications

e-mail: johanna.zikulnig@silicon-austria.com

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