Electronic Sensors

Integrated and intelligent data processing, directly at the sensor front end, prepares the basis for future distributed systems. That is why we concentrate our industrial research and development on applications in signal processing for multi-sensor matrices.

Research Foci

  • Development of the entire sensor readout, data processing and data presentation system along the value chain
  • Self-referencing and self-calibrating sensor systems
  • Lifetime, aging and reliability testing of sensors and readout circuits

Research Competencies

  • Realization of electronic readout circuits for customized sensors
  • Optimizing the level of small signals with ultra-high resolution in terms of wireless energy and data transmission
  • Integrated digital signal analysis for complex and multimodal electronic sensors and virtual sensors
  • Development of procedures for checking the operating status
  • Electrical analysis from DC to the GHz range
  • Programming and testing of new signal analysis algorithms using methods of artificial intelligence and machine learning

Your contact person

DI Dr. Rudolf Heer

Head of Research Unit Electronic Sensors

e-mail: contact@silicon-austria.com

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