Prof. Pedro Julián, an internationally recognized researcher, has recently joined as the head of the research unit "Embedded Artificial Intelligence" at Silicon Austria Labs (SAL) in Linz. Julián has been working on the implementation of neural networks in digital hardware ("Neuromorphic Computing") for 20 years and has also worked at the University of California Berkeley and Johns Hopkins University in the US state of Maryland, where he still holds a position as visiting professor. Before joining SAL, the native Argentine was a professor at National Del Sur University in his home country.

Research on future technology 6G

At SAL, he and his international team are now dedicated to the research topic "embedded artificial intelligence", a new and highly innovative research field with high growth potential for domestic industry - and an essential part of 6G research, which has been carried out at SAL in Linz for almost two years. The targeted use of artificial intelligence for signal processing in high-frequency systems is new at 6G. This is intended to reduce complexity, costs, and energy consumption of today's electronic based systems.

"With Pedro Julián we were able to find a renowned professor for our future-oriented research topics," says Dr. Thomas Lüftner, CTO and head of research divisions RF Systems and Embedded Systems at SAL, on the new addition to his team. “I am convinced that Professor Julián and his extraordinarily diverse team of researchers from four different continents and different disciplines will take our 6G research to the next level. Our partners from industry, with whom we work on various projects, benefit from this in particular."