Vehicles of the future will be wirelessly connected, efficient and highly automated. This makes them a primary target for all kinds of cyber-threats. WS2CARE focuses on the identification, verification and validation (V&V) of wireless components (in-vehicle, V2V, V2I) in vehicles, to facilitate vehicle cyber-security testing, and to provide input for developing new protection measures. As there is an increase of technologies adopted by the automotive industry, users must be guaranteed that these systems are secure. All these security related issues are very crucial to ensure that a vehicle is secure and safe in the sense that it fulfils the standards, these standards are correctly implemented, and are robust to various attacks and intrusions. 

The idea in WS2CARE is to be able to inspect various functionalities on communication protocols in a very modular and automated manner. The testing platform will enable checks on both hardware and software and report any detection of security weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Additionally, in this project we are working towards providing a continuous monitoring and detection of any changes in the system under test by applying machine learning techniques.