The framework of our SAL-DC enables academic education in parallel to industry cooperations. Academic and scientific partners on a regional, national and inter­na­tional level aim to build an excel­lent re­search network within an ecosystem for EBS. Students benefit from the training in a highly international, interdisciplinary and intersectoral setting offered by the SAL-DC to become future leading researchers. 

Official Kick-Off

For the official SAL-DC kick-off, 35 participants joined the festive event in Pörtschach on October 5 and 6, 2021, encompassing current and prospective SAL-DC PhD students as well as supervisors accompanying and supporting them during their doctoral education. One major aim of this event was a general exchange of information on all current PhD research topics. As such, the participants discussed and collaboratively prepared summaries on each of the research topics, which were then merged to a SAL-DC booklet. Now this booklet offers a comprehensive overview on all research topics followed within the SAL-DC, thus providing a good impression on the diverse research portfolio. Aside from scientific discussions, this event also offered great opportunities for socializing and networking among the students across all SAL sites and partner universities.

Application for Doctoral Program

Interested candidates can find out more about currently open PhD calls and subsequently apply for those on the SAL application portal, accessible via the link Open Positions - Career & Jobs | Silicon Austria Labs (SAL) ( Selected candidates will be offered a full-time PhD position. Depending on the respective research topic, the main workplace will be at one of the SAL sites in Linz, Graz and Villach, or at the partner universities in Linz, Graz and Klagenfurt, respectively.

Unique cooperation

The SAL-DC shall serve as a role model, how active collaboration across different research fields can create and inspire innovative research.