Gyroscopes are sensors used for measuring rotation and orientation and are thus key instruments for precise navigation for all types of planes and automotives. The GIRAFFE project is focu­sing on re­search and deve­lop­ment of quantum gyro­scopes that rely on measu­ring nuclear spins of point defects in diamonds. This enables a stable and precise navi­ga­tion for next-gene­ra­tion auto­no­mous driving.

Some of the project goals are:

  • Proof of prin­ciple demons­tra­tion of improved gyro­scope based on nuclear spins in diamonds
  • Improved quantum proto­cols for angle-rate sensing using 13C nuclear spins
  • Deve­lop­ment of key compo­n­ents of a quantum sensor and the demons­trator
  • Demons­tra­tion of NV center based gyro­scope in ADAS appli­ca­tions

In June, the team around Jaka Pribosek (project leader and Senior Scientist in the Research Unit Photonic Systems at SAL) was able to welcome consortium partners University of Stuttgart, Infineon, AVL, 4ActiveSystems, Beyond Gravity and Cosylab during the kick-off event for GIRAFFE. We are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration!