The symposium provides state-of-the-art education on EMC, Signal Integrity and Power Integrity design and measurement techniques. It was carried out virtually from 26th July to 20th August this year.

The contributions are a result of the collaboration within the joint GEMC SAL-Uni Lab between SAL´s Power Electronics Division and Graz University of Technology and were additionally co-authored by Infineon München and Ansys USA. The conference papers deal with simulation-based methods to support battery impedance measurements, e.g. of Li-Ion battery modules, and with a novel filter design to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) of integrated circuits. The conference proceedings will be available via

Published papers:

  • “Square Wave Shaper With Filter Characteristics to Reduce EMI and Passive Component Count” by Rahul Nadgouda (IFE, TU Graz), Herbert Hackl (SAL), Bernd Deutschmann (IFE TUG)
  • “Li-Ion Cell Impedance Measurement Using Open/Short/Load Compensation for De-Embedding” by Herbert Hackl, Martin Ibel (SAL), Thomas Landinger (Infineon München), David Pommerenke (IFE TUG), Bernhard Auinger (SAL)
  • “Extraction of Single Cell Impedance From Within a Battery Pack by Virtual De-Embedding: A Proof of Concept” by Herbert Hackl, Martin Ibel (SAL), Juliano Mologni (Ansys USA), David Pommerenke (IFE TUG), Bernhard Auinger (SAL)

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