Since July 1st, András Montvay is heading the new Research Unit Edge Computing & Distributed SW in Graz, joining SAL with more than 20 years of experience in industrial R&D and leadership in consumer, medical and automotive fields, and expertise in embedded systems and SW, quality of service in resource-constrained systems and codesign for real-time applications.

The vision for the new research unit is to enable real-world IoT and Industry 4.0 applications by embedding edge computing into the EBS value-chain, in the close collaboration with other SAL units like Sensor Applications, Microsystem Technologies or Embedded AI.

The aim of the research unit is to build a bridge between the scientific world of formal methods, models and design principles on the one hand, and the industry demands for short time-to-market and efficient system development on the other. The basis for this will be our competence in HW/SW partitioning and architectures from component to system level, a strong focus on non-functional criteria and constraints from testability and maintainability to security, energy consumption and availability, and the provisioning of the necessary development ecosystem consisting of e.g. frameworks, standards or middleware architectures.

One strong pillar for these activities will be our collaboration with the TU Graz in the Dependable Electronic Sytems Lab (DESLab). Our application focus will be on truly embedded and resource-constrained systems, concrete application fields are under definition but may e.g. include sensor arrays, industry 4.0, microsystems applications or medical systems. We are currently building up a team, with several senior experts in distributed design and verification of electronic systems, security of embedded devices and AI already on board respectively joining within the next few months, and a further strong growth planned for the future.