SAL Villach


SAL is the first institution world­wide offering completely new capabilities in high resolution printing to industrial partners, based on its newly installed multi-nozzle EHD printing platform.

Research Services:

  • Wafer level microfabrication 8” capability
  •  Die/chip level microfabrication capability
  • Minimal resolutions ≤ 10 µm (Remark: depends on the substrate and the ink type)
  • 2.5D (3D) heterogeneous structures (e.g. combination of metal and dielectric)
  • Suitable to print over multi-material 3D substrates (Si wafers, polymers, ceramic, etc.)
  • Adjustment ejection flow rate (i.e. ejection frequency) is possible by many orders of magnitude



Main Services:

  • Selective repair & modification
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Printing of various nanoparticle-based inks (conductive, dielectric etc.)



Heimo Müller

Head of Business Development & Grant Office

Member Area