The ROSE project is researching the development of a soft robotic gripper, equipped with flexible sensors for measuring normal and shear forces in order to measure and forces during gripping processes and support the latter. The sensor technology needs to be adapted to the properties of the gripper and therefore be just as flexible in order not to influence it.

Project Objectives

Soft robotic and flexible systems are the future of robotics for systems that are intended to collaborate with people or are directly connected to one another - such as in the field of rehabilitation, robotic therapy or also for wearable medical-technical assistance products (e.g. smart orthoses and prostheses).

In order to make these systems and especially robotic grippers capable of collaboration, it is necessary to develop sensors that enable them to capture their environment accordingly. Since cameras are often deficient due to their size and other framework conditions, we address physical sensors for proximity and force measurement and integrate them into a soft robotic gripper.

Based on an idea from the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (CUAS), the project ROSE is developing a large-area, fully stretchable soft-robot sensor system for three-axis force measurement using additive manufacturing technology (AM) (3D printing, aerosol jet printing, inkjet printing, screen printing) based on a piezo-capacitive principle and integrating it into a soft robot finger with material-optimized mechanical properties. In terms of sustainability (Green Deal), the sensor systems are manufactured using additive technologies with the lowest possible use of resources.

The project is being worked on at two institutions, CUAS and SAL, which share the objectives and activities accordingly while optimizing the expertise and infrastructure. The focus of CUAS is on the robotic gripper and data evaluation and that of SAL on the production of the 3D sensor technology.

Project facts

  • Project title: Robust Tactile Sensing for differentiated Robot Haptics (ROSE)
  • Funding Agency: EFRE Funded Project
  • Project Partner: CUAS, ADMiRE Lab
    • Contact: Dr. Lisa-Marie Faller,, +43 650 305 9608

Your contact person

Johanna Zikulnig, MSc

Sensor Applications


Research program

This project is co-financed by the ERRE European Regional Development Fund.

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