Re­search projects at SAL in the mm-Wave/​​RF domain are targe­ting tech­nical inno­va­tion for beyond 5G future wire­less commu­ni­ca­tions networks. The re­search team, headed by Gernot Hueber, deve­lops specific back­haul/​​front­haul appli­ca­tion and devices opera­ting in the 300 GHz frequency bands. Bitrates excee­ding 100 Gb/​​s, cost-effi­ci­ency, high spec­trum and power effi­ci­ency are the main features of the next gene­ra­tion RF front-ends. These features will be enabled by the key tech­no­lo­gies, which are deve­l­oped in SAL re­search projects.