Nanoelectronic computing opportunities beyond CMOS era

Prof. Dr. Walter M. Weber
Institute of Solid State Electronics
TU Wien
SAL Villach
High Tech Campus Villach
Europastraße 12
9524 Villach, Austria
Montag, 22.06.2020

Prof. Dr. Walter M. Weber is going to give a talk on "Nanoelectronic computing opportunities beyond CMOS era".

Silicon and germanium nanowires with diameters down to 3 nm exceptionally combine unique one-dimensional electronic transport properties with the mature material know-how of highly integrated semiconductor processing technology. In addition of providing conduction channels that can bring conventional field effect transistors to the ultimate scaling limits, the physics of group IV nanowires endow the realization of novel electronic device and sensor principles. To truly exploit the exceptional properties for sensing and logic computation, such innovations need to be driven across the research value chain of electronics by engineering their integrability in modern semiconductor manufacturing flows, by building and testing reliable circuits and by verifying system compatibility under realistic conditions. Throughout this presentation, I will show concepts developed in my research group based on atomically abrupt nano-junctions and strain induced phenomena in semiconductor nanowires enabling reconfigurable electronics for beyond CMOS computing as well as hardware security applications.