Joint Calibration and Tomography based on Separable Least Squares Approach

Venkata Pathuri-Bhuvana
Embedded AI
Silicon Austria Labs
Dienstag, 02.06.2020

In his Science Talk, Venkata Pathuri Bhuvan is going to talk about "Joint Calibration and Tomography based on Separable Least Square Approach".

Most of the existing tomography/reconstruction techniques rely on accurate calibration to reconstruct the features of interest. In several industrial applications, the calibration is typically performed off-line and has to be repeated frequently to counter time varying perturbation caused by aging, varying operating conditions, and so on. In this talk, a novel online joint calibration and tomography based on variable projection (VP) based separable least squares (LS) approach with constraints on linear and non-linear parameters is proposed. The imposition of constraints on the linear parameters improves the estimation accuracy of the ill-posed and under determined tomography problem. The constraints on the non-linear parameters restricts the proposed method from departing far away from the initial guess especially, when a good initial guess is available. Further, few selected results on time of flight acoustic tomography and simultaneous calibration of the acoustic transducer positions using the proposed methodology are presented.