Wearable Temperature Monitoring System

Partner Call open until: July 10 2021

Project Start: Q3 2021


The goal of the project is to develop a wearable temperature monitoring system.

The main objectives and topics of investigation are the development of a wearable temperature sensor system that consists of several sensing elements and can detect relative temperature changes.

In particular, it will:

  • Provide continuous temperature monitoring
  • Detect small changes in temperature
  • Be integrated on a biocompatible substrate
  • Be flexible and stretching

The main challenges and topics of investigation are:

  • Fabrication of the sensor directly on a flexible and biocompatible substrate.
  • Achieving high sensitivity to relative temperature changes.
  • Designing and packaging the sensor and interconnects in a way to reduce environmental effects.

Expected results

  • Temperature sensor array integrated on a hand-sized biocompatible patch
  • Sensor system with high sensitivity to relative temperature changes
  • Reliable operation under various environmental conditions
  • Efficient fabrication process flow for scalable manufacturing