Study about developments and trends in camera-modules (STORMM)

Partner Call open until: June 9, 2021

Start of the project: Q2 2021


Within this project we want to perform a technology evaluation about current trends in design and fabrication of integrated camera-modules, supported by basic optical analysis and simulation.

Ultra-compact cameras are widely used in a large range of applications such as consumer electronics, healthcare, industrial, security & surveillance, automotive, and aerospace & defense. In order to identify current problems and challenges in the fabrication and application of miniaturized camera modules, it is planned to perform a detailed, simulation supported recherche about the major development steps in the recent years and to identify the most relevant current trends for the future.

Expected Results

  • Clear picture of the stateof-the-art and trends in camera module assembly.
  • Understanding of problems and challenges
  • The results should serve as a basis for future projects in this area.