Sensor system for wear detection

Partner Call open until: December 23, 2022

Project start: January 2, 2023


Development of a sensor system to detect the state of health of a wear protection inside an industrial machine during operation.

In heavy industries many parts of machines are affected by wear, which can cause damage or reduce the efficiency of processes. Especially in processes with rotating parts, efficient solutions for such wear detection are rare, as it is very challenging to obtain information about damages during the machine operation. Routine maintenance works are done based on empirical knowledge, typically in long intervals, as the effort is very high. Failure, due to wear-induced damages, can result in expensive and long-lasting downtimes of the machines, which must be avoided. The goal of this project is to develop a system for monitoring the status of wear in rotating parts, to enable predictive maintenance.   

Together with a partner from industry, SAL will evaluate proper sensor technologies and develop a sensor system for the specified industrial application.

Expected results

  • Evaluation of a sensor concept to detect wear.
  • Implementation of a functional demonstrator sensor system to read out the status of wear in the specified machine during operation.

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