Partner Call open until: November 2, 2021

Project start: November 2021


Develop an integrated filter cloth monitoring system to detect filter cloth damages.

Industrial filter presses consists of a certain number of filter plates with filter cloths on it. These systems are designed to dewater different kinds of slurries, e.g. from mines, what remains is the so-called filter cake. If a filter cloth tears during the filtering process, a loss of filter press performance is the immediate result. The process has to be stopped; the subsequent manual search for the damage filter cloth turns out to be tedious and sometimes very difficult to identify. The goal of this project is to develop an automated detection of a damaged filter cloth (reporting in which plate position). This detection should work without an external power supply and report a damage immediately. Together with a partner from industry, SAL will evaluate several sensory approaches and develop the most promising one a specific industrial application.

Expected results

  • Evaluation of several sensor concepts for the detection of filter cloth rupture.
  • Implementation of a sensor system for the detection of filter cloth rupture and identification of the affected filter plate.