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The Chip2Sys Program offers a cooperative long-term program with different cooperative SAL projects in cooperation with European key industry and scientific partners.

This new Partner Program of SAL, which starts in 2022 and runs until 2027, is established to deepen collaboration between the participants and provide input possibilities for companies in the EBS field. With SAL’s foci on Sensor Systems, Power Electronics, System Integration Technologies, RF Systems and Embedded Systems a one-stop R&D&I testing partner for electronic based systems of the future was established. The focus of the program Chip2Sys lies in SAL’s lighthouses ‘More-than Moore’ and ‘Photonics’. With cooperation and partnerships with both companies and scientific institutes across Europe a globally active European consortium along the value & supply chain will be created. This broad knowledge and the possibilities arising with that background allows R&D&I on a high level for all interested companies.

The Chip2Sys Program includes research topics in the areas of:

  • Sensor Components
  • Equipment & Processes
  • Integration/Packaging
  • Application

and covers the development of miniaturized/microelectronic devices, the usage of these including intelligent data processing, and aims to close the research value chain from simulation, design, fabrication integration and validation.

Hard Facts for the SAL Program 2022 - 2027

  • With SAL as a high-impact research institution the Chips2Sys Program establishes scientific partnerships across Europe, creating a globally active European consortium along the Value & Supply chain, ensuring market impact and maximal synergetic usage of knowledge.
  • The Research Program starts between 01/2022 and 01/2023 and has a duration of 4 years ()
  • Combination of bi- and multilateral Projects with key industry and scientific partners
  • Annual presentation of strategic results to the program partners (Upfront information to enter new topics)
  • Roadmap alignment for strategic SAL research and investments
  • Employee exchange for collaboration and knowledge transfer
  • Easy and preferred access to infrastructure, resources of SAL and feasibilities for new topics

The new Partner Program requires a 4-year commitment featuring a combination of bi- and multilateral projects, which are based on SALs General Contract Terms (SAL GCTs), the program agreement defining the overall signed contribution and individual project contracts matching the individual project needs and requirements. As defined for SAL cooperative research projects, partners share rights and finances equally. SAL contributes 50% from own funds, the company partner(s) (jointly) cover the other 50% in an equal mix of own research efforts (in-kind) and co-financing. 

SAL´s general IP terms apply but certain advantages under consideration of the European State Aid law for program partners are given:

  • option to acquire either (i) exclusive licenses or (ii) ownership of SAL Foreground IP resulting from a Project on the basis of FRAND terms
  • Access Rights to SAL´s Foreground IP that are thematically related to the Program and result from strategic research at FRAND conditions
  • different options for structuring Access Rights and allocation of Project Results/IP Rights,
  • possibility of individual adaption of Partners requirements depending on the specialties of each project
  • acquisition of ownership of SALs Foreground IP in a defined Area of Interest resulting from a Project for a lump sum payment based on FRAND conditions.
  • Various possibilities of cross-licensing models
  • Opportunities to include Partners Affiliated Entities in the Project Contracts

Within annual review programs a flexibility to shift research foci within the long-term collaborative program is provided. Alignment between SAL and the partner on strategic projects is done, research roadmaps can be discussed and an alignment for invest is possible for Chip2Sys partners as well. The yearly presentation of strategic results to the Chip2Sys offers upfront information to enter new topics. Through these long-term cooperation’s deepened trust can be created, innovation promoted, and professionality enhanced.

Additional features include the integration of PhD possibilities, and employee exchange for collaboration and knowledge transfer. Access to infrastructure and resources of SAL eased for VIP partners and the feasibility for new topics is provided. Additionally, a financial advantage and time schedule for contract research is provided.

Key points of this tender

  • Eligible applicants: 4 years commitment > 100k€ cash/year and 100€k inkind/year per company partner (>30k€ cash/year and >30k€ inkind/year for SMEs)
  • Subjects: Electronic based system development focused on the SAL Lighthouses More-than Moore and Photonics
  • Project duration: 4 years
  • Financing: 50% SAL and scientific partners, 50% company partner(s) (‘in-kind’ and cash)
  • Assessment: The submitted applications are assessed internally. The assessment is carried out by the SAL management board in cooperation with the respective Research Unit Head.

Time schedule

  • Start of call: 07/2021
  • Submission deadline: 30/11/2021 , 12:00 p.m.
  • Signing of LOCs: 10/12/2021
  • Panel (project selection): 20/12/2021
  • Signing of Program Agreement and individual project contracts: 31/09/2022
  • Project start: between 01/2022 and  01/2023