Wafer Prober

  • Manufacturer: Süss Microsystems / Cascade microtech
  • Model: PM8 manual probing system

General Description:

A wafer prober can be equipped with several probing tips to establish electrical contact(s) to bare chips by contacting the bonding pads. The applied tips allow to connect different measurement devices e.g. digital multimeters, source meters, rf-generators or network analyzers. Pad size, pad distance(s) and pad position on the chip are the boundary conditions according to which the probing tip(s) are to be chosen.

Key Specifications:

  • Manual xyz – manipulation stages with precision tip holders
  • Vacuum system to fix device under test on probing table (chuck)
  • Heated ceramic plate and special tips allow for device tests up to 600°C
  • RF and DC measurements possible
  • Probing tips in any format, DC and RF possible, e.g. GSG with 150μm pitch, GS with 500μm pitch up to 1250μm or single tungsten needles for DC contacting
  • Max. Wafer size: 6 inches


Use allowed for all researchers with permission


Cleanroom C8
Europastraße 12
9524 Villach

Responsibles / Contact

Dr. Jochen Bardong / Dr. Gudrun Bruckner
Tel.:+43 4242 56300 209/235