RF/DC sputtering and e-beam evaporation

  • Manufacturer: Leybold
  • Model: UNIVEX900

General Description:

The UNIVEX900 is an advanced coating system which can perform co-sputtering and e-beam evaporation in the same chamber in the same chamber. This tool is compatible with 8-inch wafers (200 mm) and can be used to deposit many materials such as metals, oxides or nitrides.


Key Specifications:

  • Sputtering
    • Max. thickness 3 µm
    • RF and DC sputtering
    • Co-sputtering possible
    • Reactive sputtering with O2 and/or N2
    • Conformal coatings
    • Target size 4’’
    • Max. temperature substrate 400  ͦC
    • Materials: SiO2, Si dopped, Al, Mo, AlN, Cu, Ag, Ti, Cr, Ni, PZT, Si (undoped), SixNy, Ta2O5, Al2O3, SiC,…
  • E-beam evaporation
    • Max. thickness 400 nm
    • High deposition rate
    • Lowest pressure achievable ~10-7 mbar
    • Materials: Ag, Al, Au, Cr, Pt, Ti, Ni


Use allowed for all researchers with permission


Cleanroom C5
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Responsibles / Contact

Dr Adrien PIOT / Dr. Vladimir Pashchenko
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