Terahertz Imaging Spectrometer

(combined FT-IR microscope & spectrometer)

General Description:

The time-domain Terahertz Imaging Spectrometer (2) is a dedicated measurement tool for the acquisition of spatially resolved THz spectra. The system employs an NIR femtosecond laser (1) for time domain spectroscopy of THz radiation. It can be operated in reflection or transmission mode. Imaging is available only in reflection mode (4).

Key Specifications:

  • Imaging area: (200 x 200) mm²
  • Wavelength range: 0.1 to 3 THz
  • NIR laser: Toptica FemtoFiber Pro
  • 120fs pulse length
  • Power 100 mW


For use by qualified personnel only; the instrument is available on request for measuring external samples


Metrology Lab
Europastraße 12
9524 Villach

Responsibles / Contact

Dr. Thomas Arnold Tel.:+43 4242 56300 228